nicolas leroy

Deep Facebook integration on Twenga

March 17, 2011

Twenga is following a route initiated by TheFind – a deep Facebook integration that ultimately can affect the content of search result pages. In light of those changes, here is the new Twenga mission statement:

Our mission

  • Help you make the best choice. On any product, ask for a friend’s opinion with one click.
  • To offer you the best products. Say what you prefer by clicking Like
  • Meet your expectations. We’ll soon be bringing you products from your favourite brands first.

Quick review:

Let’s see in the coming weeks how Twenga will tailor the search results based on the Facebook Like activity… That’s really where the fun begins :)

Revamped Twenga homepage:

Homepage at Twenga (Mar'11)

Authentication page:

Create account at Twenga (Mar'11)

Search result page with Facebook integration:

Search result page at Twenga (Mar'11)

Product page with Facebook integration:

Product page at Twenga (Mar'11)