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PriceGrabber slowly introduces its new design

February 05, 2011

PriceGrabber is definitively working on a new design, and is rolling it out bit by bit. After the “Ribbon” introduced early December, this is now the homepage and site header that are being refreshed on both the US and UK sites.

Still in AB test (and identical to the test spotted by Brian Smith last November), the revamped homepage shows some new elements mixed with bits of the old design… The new design keeps the traditional PriceGrabber colors (green and purple) but is more “flat” than the previous one: less corners, less preeminent gradients… Lighter and definitively more 2011.

Homepage at PriceGrabber (Jan'11)

In terms of features, the new homepage is more dynamic – rolling over a category in the category tree, and you will get the sub-categories and belonging top deals… Clicking on “daily deals” and you will directly see the deal of the day without leaving the homepage… Quite efficient. The central column (with the various content modules) has not been updated for now.


Within the site, only the site header has been changed to follow the same look&feel as the homepage. One single bar to browse and search – Browse is available through a “shop by department” drop-down ; while search can be performed across the categories or in a specific universe. This is a big change compared to the previous site header where the focus was on the browse experience; now the emphasis is on search.


I’ve always liked the quality of the visual designs on PriceGrabber – even the tiny details are well thought and implemented – and those changes are in the same vein. Let’s see how the search result pages and product pages will be updated in the next weeks or months.

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