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January 23, 2011

This is my first post of 2011 (still time to say happy new year to everyone!), to announce a redesign of this blog.

It struck me one day in late December: I had to change the visual design of my site… I’d tried to be reasonable saying to myself “you can live with the current design, don’t waste your time on this”; but since then, I couldn’t look at my site without the constant idea that I had to change…

This is not a full redesign, starting from scratch. I have kept the same page structure and layout ; and the main changes have been done on the site header and footer. But the result is a lighter site:

This is not 100% final though ; I will need to make some adjustments in the coming weeks. But I couldn’t wait anymore!

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on Jan 24, 2011 / 5pm
In many case simpler is better. I really Like this new design.
Facebook and twitter button would probably be more by being displayed at the end of the article (where users are used to see them) but on the other hand the left column looks really nice.
A quick A/B test to be done ;)