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Review of Amazon WindowShop (Chrome Web Store edition)

December 08, 2010

Google has officially launched its Chrome Web Store yesterday. I wouldn’t say I like this approach of a walled garden web… I recognize the value and appreciate the beauty of (some) native applications on the Apple platform, even if I believe a more mature HTML5 could replace those apps in the future. So seeing a new app store that targets a specific web browser is not really good news for me… even if the first (free) apps I’ve tested (NYTimes and Amazon WindowShop) seem to work ok on Firefox.

Amazon WindowShop on Google Chrome is quite close to its iPad counterpart, a far simpler and more visual experience compared to the main Amazon website:

Overall, I really enjoy browsing the huge Amazon catalog with WindowShop… However, the lack of filtering options inside categories is difficult to understand, and as such I wouldn’t use WindowShop as a definitive replacement of… I’m eager to see how this app will evolve over time, and if will borrow ideas from WindowShop.

Search result page:


Product page:


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Julien C
on Dec 18, 2010 / 1pm
The iPad app does allow you to purchase directly from within the application, though