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PriceGrabber introduces a personal toolbar named “Ribbon”

December 06, 2010

Displayed at the bottom of each page of the PriceGrabber site, the so-called “Ribbon” is a sticky toolbar defined by PriceGrabber as:

The PriceGrabber Ribbon offers you quick and easy access to our features.
With the PriceGrabber Ribbon you can track recently viewed products, save favorites, set price alerts, and even compare product features side by side. We also let you see what your friends and others have recently liked on Facebook.

Quick thoughts:

Facebook panel:

Facebook panel at PriceGrabber (Dec'10)

Favorites panel:

Favorites panel at PriceGrabber (Dec'10)

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on Dec 07, 2010 / 3pm
Pricegrabber's ribbon looks a lot like the one over at which I prefer in terms of interaction.

I've been keeping track of the use of similar toolbars on various sites. You can read about it here on my blog.

Keep up the interesting posts, Nicolas!

on Dec 07, 2010 / 6pm
Hi Danni,
Thanks for your comment and pointers - very interesting article you've written about those fixed toolbars! I hadn't visited the Comet website ; and indeed very similar to PG, and also some nice ideas in terms of UI/UX : the layout looks very clean and simple, but all options are there... Nice work from them.

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