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Smarter and Nextag launch site redesigns

November 30, 2010

Long time, no blogging… Not that there are no news in the CSEs world these days though… In a few months, Smarter and Nextag have launched complete redesigns, including new logo and new visual identity. PriceGrabber is also testing a refreshed look; and TheFind has introduced a more content-oriented homepage. Quick review…


Visually speaking, the redesign of Smarter is really impressive: they have dropped the previous “nerdy” colors / logo / visuals (still visible on the Japanese version) to a very simple logo (“Smarter” in black capital letters with a sans-serif font) and a heavy focus on visuals / photos. See the very big images on the new homepage! Unfortunately, the search result pages don’t show such emphasis on images – I would have liked to see a continuity between the homepage and the inner pages… Anyway, for a V1, this is really a good work and pretty well executed ; hopefully we will see site evolutions that lean towards a more visual search/browse experience in the next months.

New homepage at Smarter:

Homepage at Smarter (Nov'10)

New domain pages at Smarter:

Domain page at Smarter (Nov'10)

New search result pages at Smarter:

Search result page at Smarter (Nov'10)


I’m in the CSE industry for 7 years now ; and I don’t remember Nextag introducing any major change on its visual identity during those 7 years… For me, the basic approach to web design followed by Nextag over the years (see  the Nextag French site) was the perfect example that user experience cannot be restricted to visual design.

And suddenly, in one big bang release, Nextag has relaunched its site with a new logo, a new color scheme… I’m not as excited as with Smarter though ; if the new visual identity is indeed friendlier than the previous one, I find it not really inspired and I feel the execution is not as good as it could have been. Personal taste, I presume.

New homepage at Nextag:

Homepage at Nextag (Nov'10)

New search result page at Nextag:

Search result page at Nextag (Nov'10)


Brian Smith has the scoop: PriceGrabber is testing a new homepage (and potentially a complete new site). I have not been able to see it by myself, but the screenshot published by Brian shows that PriceGrabber is testing a refreshed site rather than a branding overhaul. Of course, it’s very difficult to judge a redesign by only seeing a screenshot, but I feel intrigued by the sticky bottom bar and its Facebook menu. Time will tell…

Homepage at PriceGrabber (Nov'10)


Not really a redesign, more a new iteration in the continuing evolutions that TheFind has delivered in the past years – good to see a site evolving so quickly. In this latest iteration, TheFind has moved away from a pure search-oriented homepage to a greater emphasis on content through the usage of a carousel. The mention of the number of offers indexed has also disappeared; it may be anecdotal, but for me, those changes suggest that TheFind is becoming mature, now having a strong audience.

New homepage at TheFind:

Homepage at TheFind (Nov'10)