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Kelkoo unveils Select, a new destination for local deals

November 28, 2010

Kelkoo has entered the crowdy market of group buying / local deals sites by beta-launching Kelkoo Select:

“Kelkoo Select is a brand new shopping site where you can sign up for free to receive exclusive offers on anything from fine dining, product deals, adventure days out, preview theatre tickets and spa weekends taking place every day across London.”

In terms of execution, the site is excellent: very appealing web design, very simple to use… And with the recognition of the Kelkoo brand, it has the potential to really succeed (and I hope so :) ) (Disclaimer: I’m currently working at Kelkoo, but have not been involved in the making of Select).

Kelkoo is not the first CSE to launch such destination ; Yahoo! Shopping has “deal of the day” through a partnership with Woot!, Shopzilla has recently launched Tada on the US market… But it may be the first European CSE to do so.

Kelkoo Select homepage:

Homepage at Kelkoo Select (Nov'10)

Kelkoo Select deal page:

Deal page at Kelkoo Select (Nov'10)

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