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Measy, a quiz-based decision engine for shopping

August 02, 2010

Measy is an almost 1 year old shopping decision engine that relies on a quiz-based system to help shoppers identify the best product for their needs. Those quizzes are really interesting alternatives to classic faceted navigation that most shopping engines use to let users filter down products; in a way, they are similar to the Hunch assistants except that the questions and recommendation engine are not built by the community, but rather through editorial work, I guess.

Measy is currently limited to a few categories (Digital cameras, DSLRs, E-Readers, HDTVs, Netbooks, Smartphones). Quick review of the DSLR category :)

Overall, I like the quiz idea and the natural speech used in the quiz (vs. the wording usually found in faceted navigation to describe facets). For sure, it’s difficult to please experts with such quiz. As such, I think that classic faceted navigation on large range of filters is complementary for experts. An interesting UX challenge would be to mix the quiz idea, faceted navigation and to some extent buying guides into a compelling user interface that could serve the needs from beginners to experts inside a product category.

The "how important is brand" question, with checkboxes to choose prefered brands

Question at Measy (Aug'10)

The "how important is ease of user" question, see how the sentences about Ergonomics and Menu system are written: natural speech improves empathy with the site.

Question at Measy (Aug'10)

The "how important is shooting in different situations" question, with checkboxes to choose common usages.

Question at Measy (Aug'10)

Result page

Product result page at Measy (Aug'10)