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Google Product Search will force retailers to provide unique identifiers through feeds

July 22, 2010

In a post entitled “Improving the Product Search experience”, Google has announced it will require unique identifiers to be provided through data feed for specific categories (emphasis is mine):

Over the past year, we’ve launched a number of exciting features on Google Product Search. Users can now access YouTube videos, product reviews, and other information from a single page about a product – what we call a “product page.” (For example, see this product page for a Canon Rebel camera). Users appreciate this information, and we want to make sure your product offers are included on these product pages. To do this, we’ll need your help – starting in late August, product offers in the Electronics, Books, and Media categories from US merchants may not appear in Product Search if your data feed does not include the necessary unique product identifiers, such as MPN, Brand, GTIN/UPC/EAN or ISBN. We will make similar changes to Product Search in the UK and Germany at a later date.

This may sound anecdotal, but for me it is an important announcement:

Offers detached from corresponding product and leading to findability flaw in current Google Product Search:

Matching issue at Google Product Search (July 2010))

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on Jul 22, 2010 / 7pm
Great post Nicolas! This is a positive step for Google Product Search. It will make searching for products easier and more comprehensive, a benefit to both merchants and consumers. Thanks for spreading the word - hopefully no merchants are left behind in this adaptation.

on Aug 03, 2010 / 9pm
Hi everyone,

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