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Bing Shopping will become a free program

July 23, 2010

Microsoft has officially give details about the future of Bing Shopping once its cashback will be stopped on July, 30th. With no surprise, the new Bing Shopping will become a free program, similar to Google Product Search. All the details for merchants are available on a “List your product catalogs on Bing for free” page. Interestingly, this page also contains hints regarding the future of Bing Shopping in terms of user experience:

In addition to current Bing Shopping features like consumer reviews and ratings, and Visual Search, we’re continually improving the Bing Shopping experience to help shoppers discover products and compare offers. Future planned enhancements include a more streamlined Bing Shopping experience, improved shopping scenarios for expanded, targeted reach via social, mobile, and local, and more integration with

[…] The Bing Shopping program product catalogs will display within the Bing Shopping experience similar to how Bing shopping cashback product catalogs displayed. This is where consumers make online purchasing decisions with tools to compare products, opinions, and prices. We also have plans to broaden the display of Bing Shopping program product catalogs within Bing.

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on Jul 27, 2010 / 10pm
Great news for merchants! And improved shopping for consumers. Hopefully this generates a wider range of goods that will be displayed on the site. It will be an interesting next few months for Microsoft and Bing.