nicolas leroy

What happens to ProntoTech?

May 17, 2010

On Friday, I thought it could be a production issue; so I’ve checked today but the results are the same. What happens to ProntoTech, one of the vertical of Pronto? Firstly, they have reverted the new offer design introduced in July 2009 to something less radical: back to list view instead of grid, the return of the big orange “compare prices” and “go” buttons… While the new design is still available on the other verticals, it seems the performance on tech products forced Pronto to change. Fair enough. But the problem I see today is an obvious lack of coverage and degraded relevancy on very popular categories like Digital Cameras or MP3 Players…

Digital camera category: only two products from Canon, one single Nikon…The “featured” products (should we read “sponsored”?) are not even digital cameras… Digicam accessories, laptops appearing in search results… At the same time, 20 stores are listed on the Canon EOS 7D… But with currently no “GO” buttons on product pages!!!

The situation is slightly better on MP3 Players, but still no “GO” buttons on product pages… How weird.

I’m really puzzled: commercial issue or production issue? Does someone have an idea?


The Digital Camera homepage at ProntoTech. Notice the irrelevant "featured" offers at the top, and the small number of items per brand on the left side.

Search result page at Pronto (May'10)

Product page at ProntoTech. No GO button on offers, no way to make a lead to a merchant (I checked using different browsers in case of…)

Product page at Pronto (May'10)