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The new Google is likely to drive even more traffic to Product Search

May 06, 2010

The new design for Google Search, whose several iterations have been spotted in the previous months, is now live: you can read the article on SearchEngineLand for a complete review. For the shopping side of things, it is to be noted that the user interface of Product Search has also been improved, in order to provide a continuity when being redirected from web search: it is now easier to switch from Web Search to Product Search and vice versa. And Google is becoming a bit more like Bing! :)

Now the big question is: will the introduction of this new search options column drive more traffic to Google verticals including shopping? As reported by the SearchEngineLand, Johanna Wright, director of product management at Google, is saying so:

Absolutely. We don’t want to give out any numbers here, but we’re definitely seeing more usage of the tools and the properties” Wright said.

Searching for “canon eos”. Note the left column with the “Shopping” link and icon, and the “fewer shopping sites / more shopping sites” search options.


Clicking on “more shopping sites”. The Product Search module is displayed in first position in the SRP.


Clicking on the “Shopping” link. We are redirected to Product Search, with the possibility to get back to Web Search results by clicking on “Everything”.


Today, Brian Smith from Comparison Engines writes about the declining traffic of Shopzilla, and concludes:

In general, with Google promoting their own shopping engine more and more, Shopzilla,, NexTag, etc. are going to struggle. This is nothing new as people have been predicting the end of the comparison shopping engines since I started covering the industry. But if traffic for these guys completely crumbles, some of the predictions will come true. Maybe we’ll finally see some consolidation in the industry.

The new Google is another evidence shopping engines must reinvent themselves in order to survive (and it reminds me I need to finish this series of articles about the perfect CSE for 2010 :) )