nicolas leroy

Evolutions at TheFind

May 25, 2010

I don’t know when those changes have been released (I would say they are a few weeks old) but even if small, they give some hints regarding the directions TheFind is going towards.

Facebook integration

TheFind has implemented Facebook Connect as an alternative to its custom login solution (quick check on other CSEs: few of them have implemented this login method, only among the big ones, if I’m right). It has also added a Fan Box widget directly on its homepage.

It seems TheFind is relying on Facebook to develop its social strategy (currently 4K+ people are following them on Facebook).

Homepage at TheFind (May'10)

Revamped offer display

Small adjustments to the offer display have been introduced:

Offer display at TheFind (May'10)

Offer display (extended view) at TheFind (May'10)

Enhanced search result page

New filters have been added on the search result pages to target specific merchants: users can now display products only from merchants with a specific checkout method or certification (those filtering options were previously only available on the “find the best price” pages, as far as I know).

New refining options on search result pages at TheFind (May'10)

Also, customers can now select their preferred stores: for each search, they can see the results from those stores. This is a really nice feature, even if I’m dubious about the implementation. The “My Stores” module is displayed below search results, and is therefore difficult to spot: I think I would have enhanced the “Store” filter available on the right-hand side to add the “My Store” option to the existing “All stores” / “Local stores” options.

New "My Stores" module at TheFind (May'10) New "My Stores" module (with results) at TheFind (May'10)

Final thoughts

In my series of articles regarding the future of CSEs, I wroteI wonder whether CSES are right when they only allow to choose stores when users have selected a product. Couldn’t it be useful to select stores when doing product filtering?” and alsoit makes sense for CSEs to consider the social web, but Facebook is the platform for that, not the CSE!”. So I can only be positive regarding those changes TheFind have introduced :).