nicolas leroy

User interface improvements at BizRate US

April 08, 2010

Following its new site launched in November’09, BizRate has recently fined-tuned the user interface of its search result pages. The redesign is not available on all categories, but I’m currently able to see it on the Digital Camera pages. Quick review below…


Search result page at BizRate (Apr'10)

Faceted navigation

“choose a brand” panel:

"choose a brand" panel at BizRate (Apr'10)

“see more options” panel:

"see more options" panel at BizRate (Apr'10)

Result set

First spotted by CSE Strategies in February, the BizRank is a numeric value (out of 100) associated to a product:

Bizrank Scores products from 1 to 100 based on:

  • Average Review Rating
  • Number of Reviews
  • Review Trending

Similar products panel at BizRate (Apr'10)