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Review of the new GoodGuide site

April 19, 2010

Read on the GoodGuide corporate blog:

[…] we are rolling out a suite of new features, new pages, and a redesign of the website to create a simpler and more personal user experience. First, we are launching new and improved product, brand, company, and category pages. We have added content that users have been requesting such as ingredients of concern on category pages, and corporate ownership structures on brand pages. Second, we are launching a set of features designed to help personalize the GoodGuide experience. […] We have also improved our search filtering and sorting tools and allowed you to save your preferences. […] Third, a number of users asked us to create simple tools to help you track your favorite products, and to share these lists. Today, we are launching new list creating tools, and the ability (only if you opt-in) to make your lists public […] Finally, we are rolling out several tools that enable people to track when they switch between products, and then to share these “switches” with their friends. So when you find a product that is safe and healthy, or that works great, we encourage you to proudly share that you’ve switched.

Quick review of this new site:

Overall a really nice makeover for a site that offers a rather unique and useful content for shoppers. As I highlighted in a recent article, that’s typically the kind of content that shopping engines could syndicate in order to improve product selection on their sites (TheFind currently enhances the display of its offers with ratings from GoodGuide). We could imagine that the GoodGuide rating (or the health, environmental and society sub-ratings) could be embedded into a more complex formula to rank products by CSEs, as it seems to be an emerging trend with the recently introduced BizRank by BizRate and the Product xRank by Bing.

Search result page:

Search result page at GoodGuide (Apr'10)

Product page:

Product page at GoodGuide (Apr'10)

Personalization options:

Customization option at GoodGuide (Apr'10)

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