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Ciao UK goes 3D!

April 13, 2010

From PCAdvisor:

Ciao, the shopping comparison site that is integrated into Microsoft’s Bing search engine, is offering web users the chance to look at products on the site in 3D. The site is using Microsoft’s Photosynth technology, which stitches several images of the same scene or item together, allowing users to view the product or location from every angle. Ciao said the 3D service will be opening to web users that have over 1000 community points and a number of products that have been reviewed on the site already have Photosynth in place.

Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium is one of the locations and products that can be viewed in 3D on Ciao

The Ciao community already hosts some of the most extensive reviews online with options for users to add video and images. But Photosynth allows you to really explore products, objects and places in 3D.” said Tom Hyde from Ciao.

With Photosynth you can rotate the product around and zoom in to the smallest detail, taking the viewing experience to the next level. By combining reviews on Ciao with this new 3D view of products, we ensure that consumers can make the best choice possible before buying.

Few thoughts:

PhotoSynth integration on product pages (link available below the main photo):

PhotoSynth integration on Ciao!

PhotoSynth pop-up:

PhotoSynth pop-up on Ciao!