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What would be the perfect CSE for 2010?

February 11, 2010

ChannelDollars recently published an analysis of the CSE market in 2010, basically highlighting the fact CSEs in 2010 must evolve or disappear, being stuck between Google / Bing, the starting points of the web, and Amazon / Walmart, the big retailers and their associated marketplaces. This analysis ended with:

Put simply, to change the tide, shopping engines need to become innovative again. At one time they were cutting edge in their ability to deliver multiple offers, additional merchant information and consumer feedback. Literally the CSE worked as a complete resource, aggregating purchasing data which helped merchants target consumers, and in turn which helped the consumer’s purchasing decision. Shopping engines need to find some of that creativity again. Whether this is done through dynamic social engagement, iPhone enabled scanning devices, or many other options is irrelevant. The point is that another large e-commerce shift is occurring, and if the shopping engines don’t get out in front of that change, then shopping engines face the prospect of becoming e-commerce relics of a by-gone area. That, would be too bad.

While the situation may slightly be different outside the US, I think ChannelDollars is right about its key message: innovation is mandatory for CSEs to survive. As I have some free time these days, I will start a series of articles on this topic, trying to define what could be the perfect CSE from the customer point of view. Some rough ideas for the moment:

Would you like to contribute to this series? How would you define the perfect shopping engine? Please leave comments :)

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Vasilis Dimos
on Feb 11, 2010 / 1pm
I am not sure but I don't see any real new development in CSE's for the last couple of years. There is the simple Search and compare functionality, and a bit of social networking/review/auction stuff going on. Other then that there is 0 innovation going on, thats actually profitable/maintanable in the long run. In my opinion we need to embrace a wider role, and actually be pioneers in how e-commerce should be.
To be more specific here some areas that should be further pursued:
1. Deeper integration into the checkout process. It is inevidable i think that in the future people will shop through the CSE, without leaving the site. Don't know if any CSE (which isn't a boxmover itself) has managed this so far.
2. Given the fact that the CSE has a far wider inventory then any e-commerce site and that the web is its primary battleground, CSE need to embrace ways/technologies to present the merchandise to the end user in a better way then the default picture/spec/price trio. Have a look at the fitting box demo used at the ray-ban site for some augmented reality sunglass shopping.