nicolas leroy

An unexpected pause

February 04, 2010

Two weeks ago… It had snowed quite a lot the day before, and the sky was perfect blue; it seemed a good time to take a half-day off and go snowboarding at Les 7 Laux, the closest ski resort where I live… Indeed, the first hours of the day were perfect ; A+ if I should rate the off-slope descents in the Vallons du Pra…

… Then a memory hole… Next thing I remember, I’m surrounded by safety people, my right arm and leg awfully hurt… I have been hit by a skier going down, at a crossing between two slopes…

Hospital… Wait… Surgery… Waking up…

In the end, it appears my right knee and elbow have multiple fractures. I will need about 2 months to start walking again, and 4 to 6 months to completely recover. Ouch.

I left the public hospital yesterday and entered a medical center for reeducation; I should stay there for the next 1 to 2 months. While I will have exercises twice or three times a day, the main challenge will be to find how to spend the remaining time… Thankfully, I have now my laptop with Wi-Fi access back; my main window to the world for the next weeks…

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on Feb 04, 2010 / 4pm
Eh beh, je savais pas que le hit&run existait aussi en ski...
Bon courage pour la rééduc. J'espère que c'est pas trop loin de chez toi, histoire d'avoir de la visite.

on Feb 04, 2010 / 6pm
not glop

on Feb 04, 2010 / 7pm
I´m so sorry to hear this (again):( Hope you are doing alright. Must be very though both for the head and the body. But you are a fighter - that much I learned about you the time we worked together. Don´t give up and keep your head up and I´m sure you will recover fully as fast as possible.

Lots of love and thoughts for you my distant friend.

on Feb 05, 2010 / 10pm
all the best Nicola... life is what is happening while you are making other plans... what happened happened... now look forward.

take good care and dont worry much...try to get the best out of it in any way (although i know these days "hurt")