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2009 in review

January 01, 2010

Even if today is January 1st (by the way, happy 2010 to all of you :) ), I think it’s still time to look back at 2009, isn’t it? Here are a few professional and personal notes for 2009…

The product that influenced me the most: Twitter

I’ve started using Twitter in March, and since, it has become an incredible tool to complement my blog and develop my professional network. Less blog posts (I now bookmark all the small news on Twitter, and I blog for topics that really matters to me) and more interaction with my followers. Twitter (through Tweetdeck client) is now one the few web applications I use on daily basis (along with Google Reader and GMail).

My most viewed blog post: Google to use hProduct microformat

By far, the most successful post I wrote in ‘09 was about the announcement of Rich Snippets by Google, and its support of the hProduct microformat.

In 2009, I have asked myself several times: why do I blog? Strangely, it’s incredibly painful for me to write an article, even if the ideas are clear in my mind. Surely the stress of being read by thousands of people :) Well, I shouldn’t worry that much, considering the number of page views even on this most successful blog post of the year :) Starting to realize that, towards the end of the year, I tried to write in a less formal way; bullet points and sentences without verbs are more and more common :)

The most impressive CSEs of ‘09: Pronto, TheFind, Google

I have the feeling 2009 has seen far more changes on the CSE market than ‘07 and ‘08. We have seen major revamping of almost all the main sites in this quite small industry; mostly aesthetical / usability improvements, but also important innovations. The products that impressed me the most in 2009 are:

My gadget of the year: Sigma 120-400mm

I love wildlife photography; and I missed a good quality tele zoom lens… I’m quite happy with my new Sigma 120-400mm, that has incited me to go hiking more often than ever… with some really nice photography souvenirs taken in Belledonne mountains near Grenoble. I’ve also changed my way of walking: more and more alone, and also in remote locations out of the usual trails, in order to spot animals.


Young bouquetin

The unforgettable event of the year: Paul McCartney concert in Paris

I’m a big fan of McCartney since I’m 15; and this year, for the first time I had the opportunity to see him in concert in Paris… in very special conditions. With a VIP pass, I had the privilege to enjoy a 1-hour soundcheck with 20 other fortunate fans… Then, the staff allowed us to assist to the concert at the first row. And what a show: Sir Paul, at 67, really rocks!!! Simply unforgettable.

Paul McCartney VIP access