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TheFind relaunched as “buying engine”

October 14, 2009

While Bing advertises itself as a “decision engine” (should we understand “shopping engine”?), TheFind relaunches itself today as a “buying engine”. From the press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct. 14. TheFind today unveiled a first-of-its-kind “buying engine” that helps shoppers find everything they need to make smart purchase decisions. TheFind now integrates Product Search, Coupon Search, Review Search, Local Shopping Search and Green Shopping Search into a single “universal” search engine at, where over 350 million products from 500,000 stores and online sellers can be found. With this comprehensive set of shopping search tools and information, TheFind is now the best and last place consumers need to look before making any purchase.

With this relaunch, TheFind keeps getting innovative: the new set of features is impressive, but even more, we feel there is still an untapped potential (see my comments on the Review Search).

New branding

This new positioning as “buying engine” is visible from the home page:

There is a Google-ish style to this homepage: from the previous homepage that was already search-oriented, all unnecessary elements (gradient background, top bar…) have been removed, providing a somehow minimalistic experience. Less is more :)

TheFind homepage

Product Search

Mostly aesthetic changes:

On the product display itself, the revamped extended view (displayed when rolling over a product) now shows a lot more info, extending the existing tab system:

TheFind product search

TheFind product search (store tab)

TheFind product search (reviews tab)

TheFind product search (coupon tab)

TheFind product search (product tab)

New Coupon Search

Based on the recent acquisition of ( now redirects to, the new Coupon Search provides search capacities, including filtering by stores / category / brand, on an impressive number of coupons. Some social features are there to rate each coupon and share on social networks. RSS feed is also a nice addition to be aware of new coupons.

TheFind coupon search

New Review Search

Basically a Yahoo!BOSS-powered search engine tuned to display web results related to product reviews and guides. While it is a nice addition (close to the “Research” option of Become), I wanted more :) Considering TheFind is a crawl-based shopping engine, I imagined a review aggregator site, where shoppers could directly read reviews on TheFind. Let’s wait for the V2 :)

TheFind review search