nicolas leroy

The new Twenga

August 10, 2009

Twenga has launched a beta version of its upcoming new site, currently limited to the french market. At first glance, the new site has a much better look&feel, really professional compared to the “amateurish” current version. New logo, clean layout, trendy colors, rounded colors and gradient background… Difficult to not like this new design, compared to the current one :)

It seems this new version is *only* a cosmetic change of the same feature set. However, this change greatly enhances the search experience of Twenga, and make a lot of existing features more understandable / discoverable / simply appealing. When looking at this beta version, I’ve been several times surprised seeing a feature that I thought was new, looked at the “old/current” site, and see the feature already exists!

In terms of feature set, the only difference I have spotted is the unavailability of the Questions&Answers service on the new version, a service that Twenga launched (also in beta test) last January. Experiment not successful? Will be available later with the new design? Time will tell.

Here are below a few notes regarding my experience with the new design…



Twenga homepage (beta version) by you.

Search result pages

Search result page (Twenga beta) by you.

Product pages

Product page (Twenga beta) by you.