nicolas leroy

New search result pages for US

June 01, 2009

While browsing the US version of, I’ve found a few changes in the search result pages. I don’t know for how much time they are live, but what surprised me is the emphasis put on the LREC ad placement, by placing it at the top of the left side column – a position supposed to be seen at first sight by most users as shown by various eye-tracking tests…

Beyond the initial surprise, the integration seems pretty good : it fits quite well in the design, just above a slightly revised guided navigation (with a bigger font size, simplified value lists), especially with highly targeted ads (i.e: Canon instant rebate ads on the Canon EOS search result page).

However, the total number of ad placements on the page seems too much for me (2 horizontal banners, 2 LRECs, 2 skyscapers = 6 ad positions!!) in terms of user experience; but surely a way for to generate more revenue beyond the pure PPC business in those hard times… UK site showing “old” version of search result pages: US site showing new design with LREC on the top-left: