nicolas leroy

New blog design

May 22, 2009

For my RSS readers (actually, I have more RSS readers than spontaneous ones on an average day :) ), you may want to click on one of those links to see (and appreciate, I hope) my new blog design.

This new design is still based on the Hemingway WordPress theme, but I have taken more freedom to customize it. Over the past months, I had added new modules on the previous design (shopping widgets by Kelkoo, breadcrumbs, Twitter module…) and played with shades of gray to make them visible. Too much gray in the end; so I decided to go whiter.

Also Hemingway tends to use small text sizes. In the new design, I have increased the size of text in the main column, which I hope will make the articles more readable.

I have spent a lot of time on the Archives pages to mix articles, tweets and photo albums, providing a kind of lifestreaming experience. Such mix is also available on the revamped homepage which displays the most recent articles (with excerpt) and most recent tweets / photo albums.

Last but not least, I have started putting photos again on the blog, now using Flickr and its API rather than my home-made Portfolio solution. The photo pages have also been revamped, now relying on Google Maps (instead of Yahoo! Maps) and Flickr / Yahoo! GeoPlanet APIs to show near-by photos. See example here.

This new design still needs some adjustments, but I’m happy that the big work is behind me :)