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New green shopping features on TheFind

April 21, 2009

On BusinessWire:

TheFind, the leading vertical search engine for shopping, announced today that it is making green shopping search available on TheFind’s fast-growing audience of over 11.5 million monthly shoppers can now search more than 1 million green products from organic and environmentally-friendly brands and stores. With a single click, shoppers can consider green alternatives to anything and everything they are planning to buy.

TheFind’s green shopping search is its latest effort to make green shopping easier and more accessible to consumers. The number of green products that can now be found with TheFind has doubled to more than 1 million, and the number of stores selling these green products has leapt to over 13,500 stores, including retailers like, Planet Shoes, True Foods Market, Gaiam and Edun Online and green marketplaces such as […]

For eco-conscious shoppers eager to minimize their carbon footprint by shopping locally, TheFind also provides local shopping search tools which help shoppers find nearby stores. Together with TheFind’s new green shopping search that includes coupons and free shipping offers, shoppers now have powerful tools they can use to decide whether to make purchases at nearby stores, possibly reducing carbon emissions of shipments, or to save money at online stores that are offering coupons and shipping discounts.

In Oct’07, TheFind introduced TheFindGreen, a separate version of its main product search. This new release extends the number of products and number of shops; but also integrates the green filter on the main TheFind site.

Strangely not mentioned in the press release, TheFind also displayed brand ratings from GoodGuide, a start-up that provides health, environmental and social facts about brands and products (GoodGuide providing shopping links to TheFind on its own site). I imagine this is a first level of integration – in the near future, we could imagine TheFind will be able to display product ratings rather than brand ratings (would require some matching algorithm maybe difficult to set up) or even facts sheets directly on TheFind (how powerful this would be!).

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Integration of GoodGuide rating on result pages: