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Cashback now integrated with Windows Live Products

April 16, 2009

When I reviewed Windows Live Cashback back in May’08, I mentioned: “Still, the current cashback program is another vertical inside Windows Live Search, with currently no integration with Windows Live Products, the recently revamped shopping search of Microsoft“. Today, Windows Live Search blog announced a merged Windows Live Cashback / Windows Live Products experience:

To bring you the best of Live Search and cashback, we’ve launched an improved cashback Shopping site. The new site unifies Live Search Products (the shopping vertical within Live Search) and cashback to make it easier for you to research, compare products, and save money. Check out the new experience at Live Search Products and click on cashback and let us know what you think.

There are quite a few enhancements you’ll see now that we’ve combined these two interfaces. […] You’ll now see reviews and Opinion Ranking on the product pages . Opinion Ranking crawls the Web for reviews, categorizes them into features, then provides ratings for those product features. You can also browse by feature and sort by ratings.

The integration is pretty successful: cashbacks are displayed on the Windows Live Products homepage, then on search result pages and product pages. Efficient!!

Search result page:


Product page:

Windows Live Product product page