nicolas leroy

TheFind (yet another) redesign

February 22, 2009 is now TheFind ; and this branding evolution comes with a new version of the site. The latest important changes were introduced in November, 2008; TheFind really keeps a fast pace to make its product evolve.

A new homepage

The new homepage gives more emphasis to the brand: a bigger logo and a new tagline “Every Store. Every Product. All At Once.“. And to illustrate what the tagline really means, the number of products in the TheFind index is now mentioned: “Search over 320 millions products“. Quite an impressive number!!

New homepage for TheFind

New search result pages

All filtering options are now displayed on a right-hand side column, from “basic” options (price or color filtering) to store selection (online or local). It’s a nice evolution compared to the previous versions of the site: local shopping is now nicely integrated on the site, and the user interface is leaner.

I think as the next step for its evolution TheFind could add faceted navigation on search results. Indeed, searching for “digital cameras” on TheFind doesn’t help the user who doesn’t know which camera model to buy… However, TheFind may not be eager to invest on such technology, consideringOver 2/3 of [their] searches are in the lifestyle/soft goods categories including clothes, accessories, health and beauty, etc.“: having faceted navigation on soft categories may be considered less critical than on electronics or computing…

Latest comment, and purely subjective: if I like the changes from an interaction design standpoint, I find the execution poorer than on previous version of TheFind: icons, price slider, the “shopping tools” on the right… all of this could have been designed in a more inspired way.