nicolas leroy

Leaving Yahoo!…

December 07, 2008

So the news came out when I was on holidays: Yahoo! has decided to sell Kelkoo to a UK Private Equity firm named Jamplant. Apparently, there was no official announcement by Yahoo!, and the first blog to relay this news was Pierre Chappaz’s, with the publication of an internal memo announcing the decision and his personal analysis. The post is in french but here is an excerpt of Pierre’s analysis translated with Babelfish:

[…] Resale of Kelkoo by Yahoo! , after the clashes and misfortunes of Overture (cf agreement missed with Google adwords), the incapacity of this company illustrates to develop in the universe of the compromise one. It is a cultural problem: Yahoo! , it is the traditional advertizing, good old man CPM, it is not the click (CPC) and the merchants. It is necessary as to acknowledge as the management of Yahoo! did not testify to great capacities to manage the teams located out of the American borders (what had justified my own departure of the presidency of Yahoo! Europe in 2005). […]

I think it’s a fair analysis of the situation Kelkoo faced within Yahoo!. That’s why I’m feeling pretty confortable with the fact Kelkoo will leave the Yahoo! family. However, I’d like to say it has been a great opportunity for me to work at Yahoo! for 4 years. I have learned so many things on engineering and product side, I met many talented people, I had the opportunity to work in a truly international environment (with the folks at Yahoo! Shopping US and in the Panama team)…

So yes, I’m happy to leave Yahoo! and continue the Kelkoo adventure; but thanks Yahoo! for everything you teached me.