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Google Product Search gaining market shares in the US

December 31, 2008

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Google’s Product Search Catching Up Fast With Shopping Rivals from Investor Business Daily reports on a comScore release that Google’s Product Search is gaining in the category of shopping search. In fact, Google Product Search is up 786% from the year-ago November. […] Back to the shopping search category, where Yahoo still leads the category with 27.6 million unique visitors in November. Here is the breakdown from comScore in this category:

Google Product Search Growing

Google Product Search has improved this year with the (re)introduction of the aggregation of offers by product, “compare prices” link… But despite those product enhancements, the big strength of Google Product Search remains its ability to get more and more traffic from Google Web Search; and Google has done several experiment this year showing its interest to redirect more users from the web search to Product Search (OneBox changes, AdWords enhancements to display product results ).