nicolas leroy

On holidays for 3 weeks…

November 10, 2008

… in New Zealand. I have really great expectations regarding this destination ;) And I think I have never prepared and planned any holidays so much. Maybe because we have hired a car to go from Auckland (north island) to Queenstown (south island); having a car, and not relying on public transportation, means it’s easier to plan the different stages of the trip.

I found that Google has become pretty relevant when it comes to find accommodations. The “local business results” are indeed very helpful when displayed in an one-box placement in classic Google Search results. See query “thames new zealand accommodation” as an example. In the end, I didn’t use any specialized travel sites like TripAdvisor (except local NZ ones) to find accommodations and reviews… Pretty frightening for those destinations…

Google OneBox placement for local business results

Google review page for hotel
Anyway, I’m off now. Expect no activity on the blog for the next 3 weeks ;)