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New logo and color scheme for

October 06, 2008

TheFind sports a new logo and color scheme – forget the orange and the red; the blue and the marroon now rule! The “Shopping Search Reinvented” tagline has also disappeared. To be honest, I’m not really convinced with the new colors: they give a “too serious” look to the site, when I found the orange and red more appealing. Well, I’m surely biased, as I’m “breathing orange” at Kelkoo for 5 years now ;)

I also noticed some changes in the ad placements. Skyscrapers are being replaced by LRECs directly embedded in the search result pages. That’s always tough to find a balance between preserving the user experience and displaying ad placements; but I think the LREC directly put in the SRP in grid view is a bit too obstrusive for the end user (like I find the sponsored links + 2 LRECs in the right column of the new DealTime too proeminent).

The new logo and color scheme on TheFind:


The right-hand side column on DealTime:

Right-Hand Side column on DealTime (Oct'08)