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Economic crisis: is it good for CSEs?

October 28, 2008

Well, yes, according to two recent articles (discussing the European market):

On e-Consultancy:

Online retailers are increasingly benefiting from marketing their products on shopping comparison sites as cash-strapped consumers seek bargains online, according to research published today by E-consultancy and DoubleClick. 

Some 43% of retailers surveyed by online research publisher E-consultancy say that the proportion of online sales coming through comparison shopping engines (CSEs) has increased in the last 12 months. On average, retailers report that they get 10% of their online sales through this channel, the research found. 

The increased importance of this channel to online retailers is consistent with separate research published by E-consultancy which found that consumers are turning to comparison engines and user reviews to make the most informed purchasing decisions and to get the best value. 

Linus Gregoriadis, E-consultancy’s head of research, said: “The period of austerity we have entered is driving more people to comparison engines so it makes sense for most retailers to make sure they are visible on these sites.” 

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Andy Maclean, MD of Open Eye Marketing says “recent surveys indicate a significant percentage of the general public still say their retail spending is unaffected by current conditions. Whats more we know that many leading retail sites such as Pricerunner and Kelkoo have seen significant recent traffic volume increases which indicates not only is the public more likely to buy online than ever but also they are being much more savvy by using such price comparison websites. Furthermore I fully expect this Christmas to see another record breaking year for online sales as it continues to steal sales volumes away from the high street.”