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Compare the candidates for the ’08 US election…

October 23, 2008

From this side of the Atlantic, it’s funny seeing some shopping destinations opening special pages on their sites to cover the ’08 US elections. Two examples:


PriceGrabber has a special tab in its main navigation entitled “Election’08“, which leads to a mini-site dedicated to the election:

Welcome to’s Candidate Comparison website. We’ve researched tons of information for the upcoming presidential election, and now we’re presenting it to you in an easy-to-use format.

Never been here before? Your first stop should be the Candidate Match. Answer multiple choice questions about how you feel on more than 25 issues, and we’ll tell you which candidates agree with YOUR stances.

Like to do research the old-fashioned way? Just start browsing through candidate profiles. You’ll find positions with citations so you can find all the information you need to make the right decision.

Want to hear what others are saying? Come on in and read some reviews of the candidates (or leave your own). You can also get involved in the many discussions we’ve set up on each candidate’s page, and find recent articles posted by users like you. Feel free to post your own links so others can learn the latest news.

Compare the candidates based on programs (Iraq, education…) or on polls, discuss in online forums, see stats… the site is a nice destination for information on the election, but is far away from the core business of PriceGrabber.

Election'08 on PriceGrabber (Aug'08)


GoodGuide is a source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of manufactured products. As such, its mini-site to cover ’08 election is focused on political contributions of companies:

For the first time, GoodGuide, in partnership with the Center for Responsive Politics, brings you detailed information on the political contributions of the companies you buy products from everyday. View the political contributions of these companies and learn how they vote with your dollars. Once you see this surprising information, it may literally change how and where you shop forever.

If you are a Democrat, switching your toothpaste could actually help Barack Obama and Joe Biden. And if you are a Republican, switching your shampoo could help John McCain and Sarah Palin!

GoodGuide - Company Political Contributions


The mini-site from PriceGrabber is not related to its core business; and as such, we can imagine managing this mini-site is a way to attract a wider audience / or build on user loyalty. The approach from GoodGuide is different, and may sound smarter: its mini-site is clearly an extension of its core business: providing facts on products, increase consciousness of consumers.