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Innovative product selection on YouTellMe

September 22, 2008

YouTellMe is a new social shopping / price comparison site currently launched in beta in Netherlands. As described by the team behind it:

[…] we started YouTellMe out of frustration with the existing product and price comparison websites. Our goals was to build a web application where everyone can easily compare products and determine their personal optimal choice. From hotels to dishwashers, from cars to televisions, we want to make a meaningful product comparison online. This might sound like a simple goal to some, but in reality it’s a very tough one to crack. That’s why we have reserved considerable time and resources for the development of the concept and the required technology. In the past months our team has reviewed all possible comparison methodologies, interfaces and web technologies. After many tests, prototypes, frantic coding and long hours, we have developed a new revolutionary method of product comparison on the internet. We have incorporated the latest insights in the fields of marketing and market research in our concept. […]

To be honest, I won’t qualify YouTellMe as revolutionary; but the current beta shows some (smart) evolutions in terms of user experience to let you find the product you need. My Dutch is quite poor (well, “inexisting” is a better definition ;) ), but let’s have a look at YouTellMe.NL :)

The beta is currently available for 4 categories; Digital Cameras is one of them. I usually start testing new sites like YouTellMe by using the full-text search. But current results are quite poor: searching for “canon eos” is bringing old products at the top, when we could imagine some weighted results based on popularity. However, the browsing experience on the Digital Cameras category is really great.

Browsing the Digital Camera category on YouTellMe

The browsing experience is organized in two different steps:

Filtering on digital cameras on YouTellMe

As it’s really easy to jump from the filter selection to the criteria selection, it’s a pleasure to play with various filters / criterias combinations to find the best product for your needs. In the end, the mix of good usability with deep definition of products makes the user experience on YouTellMe really attractive.

Sure, YouTellMe is not only a tool to select products. It’s also a price comparison service, with a social layer to let you bookmark products, write reviews… But for me, this product selection is really where YouTellMe is innovative.

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