nicolas leroy

How Efficient is Google for Product Search?

September 04, 2008

Read on the StyleFeeder tech blog:

We’ve recently been working to improve the experience of users who are discovering StyleFeeder through search engines, and were intrigued to find that 55% of shoppers are not finding what they are looking for using Google and the like. When natural search users land on one of our item detail pages, we show them a photo and description of the product the search engine pointed them to and ask a simple question: “Is this what you are looking for?” 55% of shoppers are answering “No”. Take bounce rates into account, and the percentage of people finding the right item through search engines may be as low as 20%!

We aim to gather more data in support of this theory, but our preliminary results suggest that there is lots of opportunity to help internet consumers shop more efficiently!

I would say it’s not surprising and it’s hopefully good news for all vertical shopping searches :). However, users who search for a product on Google may not have the intent to buy it; which could also explain the low scores observed by StyleFeeder…