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GoodGuide provides health, environmental and social facts about products

September 18, 2008

GoodGuide is a new US start-up demo’ed at the TechCrunch50 event last week. In its own words:

GoodGuide provides the world’s largest and most reliable source of information on the health, environmental, and social impacts of the products in your home. […] Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive, credible, and useful information in the world, on products and companies delivered whenever and wherever you need it. We’re making information available and easy to use so each of us can express our own values and concerns in the marketplace.

Product page on GoodGuide

I like the review on ReadWriteWeb about GoodGuide vs the competition in the TechCrunch50 event:

GoodGuide is going after a totally mainstream market; this service does not rely on the satiated early adopter that everybody else in Web 2.0 has been chasing. […] As for longevity/sustainability/barriers, what GoodGuide has done takes real hard work. This is not a simple social media hack or a surface aggregation that you could do with a tool like Dapper. GoodGuide requires a fine balance of technology, research and domain expertise. If 10 wannabees set out to compete, they would take at least 6 months and probably a lot longer to get to a me too offering. […]

Category browsing on GoodGuide

Clearly, GoodGuide has a clever and ambitious concept. A few thoughts:

As a final note, I compared GoodGuide with BeauteTest, a french health&beauty destination, that relies on its community to enrich the content of the site. Product pages are edited by the community; with incredible details added to describe products (i.e: full list of ingredients). Mix this richness with the content / algorithm of GoodGuide + add a price comparison service, and you will get a truly amazing shopping experience.

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