nicolas leroy


August 27, 2008

DealTime is testing a whole new site on the US market. I saw it yesterday, but get the old design today. So DealTime seems to do some bucket testing to test the new design. Overall, it’s a great improvement over the slightly old current design.

New color scheme, revised usability… the new site is a pleasure to use. In terms of user interaction, it seems really close to the current Kelkoo site. Of course, it is not a strict copycat, but the 2-columns page structure – with the main column focused on product display, right-hand side column with LREC / personnalization and contextual modules – and various details give a Kelkoo-ish look to this redesign.

More details when I will be able to play a little bit more with this new site…

New homepage

New search result page

New product display

New offer display

More screenshots on Flickr.