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July 05, 2008

My site ( has been offline since last Friday, and has finally reborn this night :) What happened? Basically, I forgot to renew my domain name, and then came up with an imbroglio between my registrar and the company that hosts my website.

I hadn’t received any mail from my registrar saying my domain name was about to expire (no mail in my inbox or my spam filters…). But as soon as I realized my domain name had expired, I bought it again on the same registrar… (at this point, I was not so angry with it yet ;) ).

Then, I failed to delegate the DNS servers to my hosting company, using my registrar web interface. So I sent support requests to my registrar (got first answer after 1.5 days!!!) and also to my hosting company (got first answer after 20mn :) ). Then back and forth about 5 times between both companies. In the end, it was an issue with the “postmaster@…” mail address that had to be set up in the DNS entries of my hosting company (but why was this configuration now mandatory and was not two weeks ago?? That’s still a mystery for me)

You know what? That was also the week my hosting company changed the IP of one of its DNS server. So I had to wait for 72 hours in order for this configuration to propagate on the internet… Finally, everything is up and running since this morning :)

So who to blame?

But what I still really don’t get is why those new settings had to be put in place, as my domain name was working fine without them two weeks ago… Network configuration will remain a mystery to me :)

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on Jul 06, 2008 / 10am
Marrant (enfin...) il nous est arrivés la même chose il y a un mois, mais sur le site corpo... Pas de mail d'avertissemnt d'expiration du nom de domaine :-( Sauf qu'un rapace avait racheté le nom de domaine entre temps, pour faire du domain parking vers un site porno...
Et la tu te dépêches d'appeler le support en espérant que google n'associe pas ton nom de produit à la page de porno qui l'a remplacé pendant 48h...
Tout est bien qui finit bien, mais je comprends les sueurs froides :-)