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Preview of upcoming iPhone App from TheFind

July 25, 2008

Siva Kumar, CEO of TheFind, has been kind enough to share with me a preview of “TheFind: Where to Shop“, a new iPhone application “designed to give consumers the ability to leverage TheFind’s powerful shopping search capabilities and comprehensive local store data from anywhere, via the Apple iPhone“.

From the screenshots below, this application is really promising. It blends the GPS / phone / internet capacities of the iPhone3G and the “browse online / browse local stores” experience from TheFind. It has a taste of the ultimate mobile shopping service we can dream of :) :

The iPhone platform is clearly a strong enabler of such new services; but I’m overall impressed by the capacity of TheFind to deliver innovative products at a fast pace.

“TheFind: Where to Shop” will be launched in August through the iPhone App Store.

TheFind iPhone app screenshot #1

TheFind iPhone app screenshot #2

TheFind iPhone app screenshot #3

2 commentaires

on Jul 25, 2008 / 5pm
Hey - you have the same image posted 3 times!

Anyways - sounds like a cool application. I'm going to get an iphone, so I'll get check out this app from when I get it.

on Jul 26, 2008 / 6am
Hey ks,
thanks for noticing. I have fixed the images; you can now see the list view for merchants / and search results.