nicolas leroy

Google more and more relevant as CSE

July 30, 2008

Not really a breaking news, but Google is becoming more and more relevant as CSE. In a post entitled “Google Product Surge“, Kevin Packler explains:

Recently there has been a strong rise in the effectiveness of Google Product Search (GPS) as a source of traffic and sales. […] My information is based on client data, where sales have been rising steadily since 2007. This is partly to do with data optimizations made within Mercent, but it also shows that recent changes by Google have been very helpful.

Clearly the increased visibility of Google Product Search on the Google home seems to have driven more traffic to the Google’s CSE. It will be interesting to see the traffic evolution of Google Product Search this year (and compare it to the 73% decline announced by Comscore for 2007).

Reported on SearchEngineJournal and on SearchEngineLand today, Google Merchant Search launched in May is now available to everyone. That’s clearly a threat for financial CSEs… On the SearchEngineJournal’s article, there is a quote of Greg Wilson, the director of a UK quotes comparison site:

I think Google needs to consider what it is trying to be. If Google decides to be less of a search engine and more of a comparison site, then will people continue to use Google and see it as an unbiased search tool? I’m not so sure.

Honestly, I’m not so sure users will go away from Google… They will see Google’s move in the shopping area as an extension of the search options offered by Google.

Now it’s time for CSE to innovate and find new ways to attract customers and develop user loyalty, to fight Google. The move to comprehensiveness by TheFind, Shopwiki or Twenga is a first approach to compete with free Google Base / Google Product Search.