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Windows Live Search Cashback to be launched in UK

June 23, 2008

According to, Windows Live Search Cashback – the cashback solution from Microsoft, powered by the Jellyfish technology – will soon be launched in the UK:

Microsoft is set to roll out its cashback scheme in the UK after its successful launch in North America last month. The company said the UK would be the next market in which it would trial the offering, which allows shoppers to earn cashback on selected purchases made from an initial search using Live Search.

With Windows Live Search Cashack, Microsoft expects to change the game in the web search experience and lure some users away from Google or Yahoo Search. This raised from skepticism on the US blogs when announced (read this interesting analysis by Michael Arrington on Techcrunch US), even if the market share of Windows Live Search still exists even if low. In Europe, Google really dominates, and it’s difficult to fight on the web search market. I expect Windows Live Search Cashback to be successful if correctly advertised and to become a competitor of existing price comparison engines, but I don’t expect this launch to change anything in the web search game.

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on Jul 24, 2008 / 3am
from what i read from an email kelkoo i "jumping" into the cashback market as well ... so actually something has changed...

on Jul 24, 2008 / 8am
Hi Constantine,
My comment on "I don’t expect this launch to change anything in the web search game" is really on web search only (meaning Google Search / Yahoo Search / Windows Live Search).

Now Kelkoo or other CSEs testing cashback - yes, why not? In a sense, it's an extension of their core business on price comparison.

Hope it makes sense,