nicolas leroy

Travel discovery with TravelMuse

June 11, 2008

TravelMuse is a new travel destination that “combines original editorial content and destination city guides with powerful planning tools“. Nothing really innovative so far, except its “Inspiration Finder“, an assistant to find some ideas of travel destinations based on your criteria: the airport you are flying from, the time of the year (even if it doesn’t seem to take this input into consideration to use the weather of the suggested destinations in this recommendation process), the duration of the stay, the budget per person, the flight length, and the activities you want to do during those holidays.

TravelMuse - Inspiration Finder

The result page lists destinations that match some or all your criteria (I haven’t been that successful with my searches, maybe the database of destinations is not that huge yet, or the matching has to be improved), linking to travel guides and mentioning some packages (flight+hotel…).

TravelMuse is clearly not the best CSE for travel and you would prefer Kelkoo Travel or Kayak for instance to check prices. But as a travel discovery tool, TravelMuse is really great. Mix TravelMuse with a powerful travel CSE, and you will get a powerful combination to find the best travel deals.

TravelMuse - Result page