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Next generation shopping search

June 08, 2008

Last Wednesday, AltSearchEngines published an article written by Bastien Duclaux, CEO of Twenga – a European-based shopping engine – and entitled “Shopping Search Engines, The Next Generation“. To be frank, I don’t find the whole article really inspired, but there are a few interesting ideas (Emphasis is mine) :

Consumers are now starting to make a vast amount of purchasing decisions based on peer reviews and recommendations. The next generation of search engines are positively embracing this shopper and revolutionising their services to ensure the user always enjoys a social shopping experience and receives search results that are most relevant and suited to their needs. […] In order for the industry to move forward, search engines must focus and build on that personal criterion by becoming more customised and exhaustive, without the complexity. The challenge lies in determining whether the industry is firstly intelligent enough and secondly mature enough. […] I’m confident that shopping search as we currently know it will make significant strides over the next two to three years, attracting more and more consumers away from the high street in favour of a next generation shopping experience.

My feelings:

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Charles Knight
on Jun 09, 2008 / 7pm
Excellent comments.

Thanks for reading!

Charles Knight

Jenn Deering Davis
on Jun 12, 2008 / 3pm
Great observations!

In addition to reliable and simple, I think results/offers need to be highly relevant. Relevance is one way that next generation shopping sites can set themselves apart from previous generations; delivering highly targeted results in a simple, reliable way. As a shopper, I'd rather have only a few incredibly relevant results than a hundred generic ones.