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Preview of Kelkoo integration on Yahoo! SearchMonkey

May 08, 2008

In February, Yahoo! announced SearchMonkey, a platform that allows publishers to enhance the display of their indexed pages on Yahoo! Search. Then, three weeks ago, Yahoo! has launched a preview of the SearchMonkey developer platform; as explained on the Yahoo! Search Blog:

With this online tool, developers can build data services that can be used to present richer, more useful search results. These data services can be constructed using structured data either from the Yahoo! Search index or from publicly available sources (such as APIs).

At Kelkoo, we started playing with this tool to enhance our indexed product pages with more info:

SearchMonkey is not officially launched yet (a matter of weeks from now), but here is a preview of the enhanced Kelkoo results that will be launched on Yahoo! Search UK:

Enhanced Kelkoo results on Yahoo! Search UK

And here is a screenshot of the SearchMonkey developer tool, to manage those customized results:

Yahoo! SearchMonkey developer tool