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Google testing new shopping features

May 06, 2008

Google is testing a new version of its Product Search with “pure CSE features”: aggregation of merchant offers by product, “compare prices” links, technical specifications and reviews for products. This new version was seen in December ’07 by eCommerceOptimization. This week, Google Operating System and SearchEngineLand are writing about the new features. However, from Europe, I’m still viewing the old version. It seems Google is being cautious regarding this update :)

SearchEngineLand is also reporting today some further tests on the web search results: Google is apparently testing displaying product image of the first offer in the result set, instead of iconic shopping bag on its Product Search OneBox placements. This is indeed a small change, but that could give more emphasis to the products on this OneBox placement.

We may not be far away from advanced OneBox placements with data coming from the new Product Search: price ranges, reviews… Like Yahoo! Shortcuts for shopping for instance.

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on May 07, 2008 / 9pm
Hey Nicolas,

Thanks so much for the mention and link. Sucks you guys aren't able to see the same results as in the states, hopefully they roll out the changes across the board soon. It will certainly be interesting to see where all this goes in the future, I am glad to see the engines concentrate more on the eCommerce space and driving traffic to those verticals, it's about time, eh? Anyhow, great post, see you around.