nicolas leroy

Update on Snooth

April 16, 2008

Following my recent review of Snooth, a wine social shopping destination, here is an interesting update on Mashable, regarding Snooth going global:

Today, in a new partnership with, it adds to its extensive database with connections to both wineries (5,000+) and wine shops (3,000+) from over 40 countries, from which it has gathered “2.4 million prices for over 200,000 wines” across an international palette. Now, in addition to searching via 1- 5-bottle ratings and things like vintage, price, and region, snooths can specify “their home country and receive local prices in local currency from local merchants,” all in all helping to make for a simpler, more refined transaction.

And from Snooth blog:

We have, now, over 1 million wines in our database. Of course, that still includes a few duplicates (a few hundred thousand perhaps), but when measured against the wines that we’ve matched to each other its a small percentage

That makes Snooth highly relevant on the wine market; and much more interesting for users outside the US. Next step: user interface available in different languages?