nicolas leroy

Social shopping openness

April 02, 2008

Openness rules these days, followed by a lot of related buzz words including data portability, microformats, or APIs. Now it’s time for social shopping sites to start opening their applications.

StyleFeeder has announced its developer program, including a public API :

The StyleFeeder API is a set of RESTful/XML-over-HTTP web services, which developers can use to leverage our unique capabilities. These services can be used to build applications for the desktop or mobile environments, platform-based applications such as Facebook, Friendster, and OpenSocial. Other uses include AJAX or Flash widgets, search and bookmark plugins, and other uses that haven’t even been invented yet.

This API seems quite complete for a 1.0 release, providing methods to read data from StyleFeeder backend (get similar items, get related items, get recommendations, search bookmarks…), but also to write data (rate a bookmark, copy a bookmark).

Also this week, Gordon Gould, ThisNext‘s CEO, has written a really interesting article on his blog entitled “The Network is the Audience” where he explains:

[…] we built ThisNext w/an API* “layer” strategy in mind that enables us to distribute our functionality and monetization across multiple web modalities: search, our homesite, and our network which is composed of blog widgets and apps for facebook & OpenSocial. We are building some of those network apps ourselves and are exposing our api’s to select 3rd parties who want to leverage our social shopping infrastructure. In this way, we hope our API’s will help ThisNext add value to the overall network by helping 3rd parties who will spread their own TN-powered apps and thereby increase ThisNext’s ubiquity/reach.

The API from ThisNext is still really basic as explained on ThisNext site, but already provides access to product and recommendations.