nicolas leroy

Enhanced product history by NexTag

April 13, 2008

Read on Comparison Engines:

While NexTag has long published historical pricing information, the company is now sharing data on Number of Sellers for a particular product and Number of Leads per Month. Just click on the Price History tab or Price History chart to access this information. […] Hopefully this is just the start. The more data the shopping engines share with merchants, the smarter the merchants will become and the more money they will spend…unless, of course, the whole industry is built on a deck of cards.

Enhanced product history for Canon EOS 40D on NexTag

Whaou, that’s really interesting! It’s good to see shopping engines “open” their data, yet quite “courageous” for NexTag to publish those data on its main site (especially the number of leads) rather than through an extranet for merchants.

Well done NexTag for this new feature; but as we always want more, let’s dream for the next steps ;) …

This enhanced product history is currently available for all product-based categories (like fridges, videogames…), but is missing for soft categories (like fashion). We could imagine clusters of offers (i.e. all offers for a “levi’s 501”) to bring similar data for soft goods. That would be a really powerful tool to build shopping trends (à-la Google Checkout Trends).

Also, why not publishing those data through an API for sweet mash-ups?

PS: talking about openness and APIs, Yahoo! has a new homepage for its Developer Network; hopefully, the whole site – including the documentations for the APIs – will be updated soon, and be easier to browse and read.