nicolas leroy

New Brands pages on Kaboodle

April 09, 2008

From the Kaboodle blog:

Kaboodle is happy to announce our new brand profiles. Now you can see all the activity around your favorite brands and stores – Things like new and most popular products, deals and discounts and more are available on your favorite brands’ pages. Go to the Brands homepage, find the brands and stores you love and become a fan – you just might receive special discounts, promotions and more!

The Brands directory can be browsed by category (“Style and Fashion”, “Health and Beauty”…) or by letter. Few brands are currently available; and the usability of the directory will have to be improved when 1000+ brands are available.

The Brands profiles are quite interesting, and highlight the social dimension of Kaboodle. A tab navigation lets users get access to:

Interestingly, Kaboodle also targets brands themselves to enrich its directory and profiles:

Build awareness within the Kaboodle community
Kaboodlers can “fan” your brand, in turn exposing all of their friends to your brand

Enhance relationships with customers and “fans”
Send messages directly to your fans to let them know about new products, promotions or discounts

Take advantage of integrated merchandising and sales opportunities
Highlight specific products and groups of items. Offer deals and discounts to the Kaboodle community

Brands can manage and customized their profiles (create description using their own words, feature specific product or lists of products…), offer deals & discounts to the Kaboodle community, send messages to their fans base…

Read on the Hit Search marketing blog:

“Brands are to Kaboodle like bands are to MySpace,” said Manish Chandra, CEO and co-founder of Kaboodle. “Brand profiles put control into the hands of our members, allowing them to save time and money while engaging with their favorite brands in a fun and convenient manner. Our retail partners love the profile program as they understand the evolution of online social shopping and the need to interact directly with the consumer. Kaboodle is providing the platform for brands to reach these consumers on a one-to-one level.”

Indeed, Kaboodle has launched a really nice product. With this improvement, brands become to social shopping what merchants are to price comparison: a way to bring a service to users and brands/retailers and monetize the audience.