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“I want”, a new Facebook application by ThisNext

April 14, 2008

Second Facebook application for ThisNext.

The first one was quite un-inspired: a simple tool to search products from the main site of ThisNext, bookmark and tag them; and then what to do with those products on Facebook, except displaying them on your profile page? Nothing.

The new one, named “I want“, is more interesting as it really takes benefits of the social dimension of Facebook. The idea is quite simple: you describe something you want to buy, you mention a price you want to pay for it; and then your Facebook friends (or any other Facebook users) can help you by posting recommendations… In ThisNext’s own words:

Hunting the perfect t-shirt? Birthday present? Little black dress? Find it with a little help from your friends with I Want by ThisNext.
Get real recommendations from real people for everything you need. Search our huge network of recommended products. Be an expert and recommend the stuff you love to your friends and the world. Shopping is more fun with your friends!

Compared to a lot of existing Facebook apps, “I want” is not just for fun, but can be a really useful application. This is a good concept, not a killing app, but you become enthusiastic with this kind of app, after having seen all the “send a pumpkin to your friend”-like applications on Facebook !! (yes, I’m not a big fan of Facebook ;) ).

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on Apr 14, 2008 / 11pm
Hi Nicolas,

Tyson from over at ThisNext here. I'm the Product Manager for all of our Facebook (and upcoming OpenSocial) applications.

Thanks for the review! If you like I Want, keep an eye on our 'original' application- some very cool stuff in development right now !