nicolas leroy

Funny job offer (yes, shopping related)

March 27, 2008

Via my Google RSS feed, the following job offer:

I need a clone of the website the clone must be front end and back end with all the admin area/ control panel and also a Content Management System (CMS).

I need an exact clone of the above website with all its features, please note I mention all of its features.

I would require a logo design and a website design. I need someone creative who must use their own creativity. The site must be built using PHP.

I want the site to be distinguished from the website so therefore I would like some additions to the script such as:
1. You must add a feedback system to the script like the one used on eBay for all the product categories.
2. The site currently has a reviews system with a star rating – this must be changed to the look of the reviews rating used on this website: (have a look at the rating section of this website is what I want) also a forum section must be added like the one used in the here:
3. The site must be able to take product feeds for affiliates earning from the and via API / XML feeds which must be controlled from the admin area – I must be able to turn them on and off. This must be set for all the categories. there are other companies websites which I want product feed from.
4. I want some extra categories to be added to the site (customised)
5. The site must be able to from the admin control the prices of the products to be added by the merchants on a fixed or pay per click basis.
6. Also to distinguish the site features from the website I would also like some scripts installed such as Homes, Auto, Jobs, Auction, Search engine and Dating. I will provide you with these scripts (these scripts are easy to install), and you will be required to integrate these scripts in to the website so the look and design are the same.
7. A rotating banner system and you must also create some banner designs.
8. The site must be able to pull sponsored links from Google, Yahoo etc
9. You must be able to create a form for one of the pages which will be submitted to email and admin.
During development I want to see the site up and running where you must provide a link for me to view.

You must be able to start the project immediately if awarded and you must state the exact time scale for development.

It’s indeed more and more easy to develop a CSE these days thanks to all those opensource pieces of code. Still, I find this pretty funny :)